July 21, 2024

Max Verstappen pledges allegiance to Red Bull until 2025 as F1 champion

Max Verstappen, the three-time defending Formula One champion, confirmed his commitment to Red Bull for next season during a press conference ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix.

Verstappen put an end to any speculation about his future by stating, “I mean, we’re already also working on next year’s car. I think when you’re very focused on that, that means that you’re also driving for the team.”

Although there have been rumors about a potential move to Mercedes in the future to fill Lewis Hamilton’s seat, Verstappen emphasized his focus on Red Bull’s competitiveness. He currently leads the drivers’ standings with a significant lead over his competitors.

The Formula One championship will see a major rulebook overhaul in 2026.


Is Max Verstappen planning to leave Red Bull?

No, Verstappen has confirmed that he will stay with Red Bull for the next season.

What is Verstappen’s current position in the drivers’ standings?

Verstappen is leading the drivers’ standings with a significant advantage over his competitors.


Max Verstappen’s commitment to Red Bull for the upcoming season ensures stability within the team as they continue to work on improving their competitiveness. With a strong lead in the drivers’ standings, Verstappen’s focus remains on delivering strong performances on the track.

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