July 14, 2024

Matching with Honda’s Two Folding Commuter Scooters

Image: Bring A Trailer

The type of individual who purchases a Honda Motocompacto or a classic Motocompo is seeking convenience. These small collapsible scooters provide the ease of city transportation and can easily fit in your car trunk for convenient last-mile travel. If convenience is a priority for you, check out this Bring A Trailer auction showcasing a new zero-mile Motocompacto electric folding suitcase scooter and a well-maintained 1981 Motocompo.

On some occasions, you may opt for a vintage gasoline-powered ride, while on other days, you may prefer the modern, quiet operation of electric propulsion. This auction gives you the best of both worlds!

1981 Honda Motocompo

When combined, these two scooters offer a total weight of 141 pounds, featuring four wheels, two seats, and approximately three horsepower. The vintage Motocompo slightly outpaces its electric counterpart in terms of top speed, with speeds of 18 and 15 miles per hour respectively. The older bike has a shorter stature and lower ground clearance, requiring a more crouched riding posture (particularly for taller individuals), whereas the modern Motocompacto boasts a scooter-like 24.5-inch seat height and lower footpegs for comfortable riding.

Despite being separated by four decades of technological advancement, both models share a remarkably similar philosophy. They are designed as simple, utilitarian modes of transportation meant for daily use by urban commuters and business professionals. It’s essentially a bicycle that fits conveniently in your car trunk and eliminates the need for pedaling, keeping you sweat-free upon arrival at your destination. While owning both may not be necessary, their compact size makes them a practical addition.

The Motocompo (and to a lesser extent, the Motocompacto) may be considered expensive for what they offer, but their convenience factor is unparalleled. In this aspect, they are reminiscent of Bring A Trailer. You may be paying a premium for the convenience, but it’s a perfect match. Indulge in the ease of overpaying.

1981 Honda Motocompo and 2023 Honda Motocompacto

FAQ Section:

Q: What is the main appeal of Honda’s folding scooters?

A: The main appeal lies in their compact size, convenient storage, and ease of use for daily commuting.

Q: Are these scooters suitable for long-distance travel?

A: While they are primarily designed for short city trips, they can be used for longer distances depending on your comfort level.


Whether you opt for the vintage charm of the 1981 Honda Motocompo or the modern convenience of the 2023 Honda Motocompacto, both folding scooters offer a unique blend of style and functionality. Despite their differing characteristics, they share a common purpose of providing efficient urban mobility. Consider your preferences and needs to choose the one that best suits your lifestyle.

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