July 14, 2024

Market Scan gains numerous dealers after CDK security breaches

Market Scan, a provider of data and payment analytics, is highlighting its mDesking solution to help dealers continue creating deals and providing payment options to customers in the wake of recent cyberattacks on CDK Global, a dealer services provider. Many dealers nationwide have started using the mDesking dealer management system (DMS) to mitigate the impact of these attacks.


What is mDesking?
mDesking is a dealer management system (DMS) offered by Market Scan, designed to help dealers streamline deal-writing and payment options for customers.
How can mDesking help dealers affected by cyberattacks?
By using mDesking, dealers can maintain their operations and continue providing services to customers despite disruptions caused by cyberattacks on other service providers.


Market Scan’s mDesking solution offers a lifeline for dealers impacted by cyberattacks on CDK Global, enabling them to keep serving customers and conducting business smoothly.

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