July 21, 2024

Mad Mike’s Upcoming Drift Car: The Rotary Swapped $3.2M McLaren P1 GTR

Screenshot: Mad Mike

Everyone’s beloved Antipodean rotary enthusiast, Mad Mike Whiddett, is always on the lookout for new and exciting cars to swap rotary engines into and burn rubber with. He has created numerous Mazda Doriftos in the past, but now he is expanding his horizons by looking at more exotic vehicles. Last year, he unveiled the extraordinary five-rotor 787D prototype, and this year, he has teamed up with Lanzante to create a rotary-powered drift McLaren for the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Exciting stuff!

During last year’s Goodwood event, Mike discussed with the Lanzante team the idea of transforming one of their high-end hypercars into a drift machine. With only 100 days to transform the car into a rotary-powered drift monster before Goodwood 2024, the pressure is on. While the first two parts of the journey are already available on YouTube, there is more to come.

The conversion process has been incredibly intensive, resulting in very little of the original McLaren remaining. The original drivetrain has been replaced with a four-rotor engine featuring a turbocharger and an X-trac sequential gearbox. This required rewiring the entire car and installing a Haltec standalone engine management system.

I anticipate that without a hybrid system or a large V8 engine, the car will likely shed a significant amount of weight. Considering the P1 GTR weighed just 3,175 pounds when ready to drive, Mike’s creation is bound to be lightweight. However, it seems unlikely that they will be able to match the stock 986 horsepower output of the McLaren with a four-rotor engine.

Will the MADMAC, as the car is known, be as quick around a track as a stock McLaren P1 GTR? Probably not. But will it be a superior drift car? Almost certainly. It’s going to be thrilling to witness it in action.


Q: What is Mad Mike Whiddett known for?

A: Mad Mike Whiddett is known for his passion for rotary engines and creating unique drift cars.

Q: What is the MADMAC project?

A: The MADMAC project involves converting a McLaren hypercar into a rotary-powered drift machine.


The transformation of the McLaren into a rotary drift car by Mad Mike Whiddett is a testament to his creativity and dedication to pushing the boundaries of automotive engineering. The MADMAC project is a fusion of high-performance technology and the art of drifting, promising an exhilarating spectacle for enthusiasts and fans alike.

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