July 25, 2024

Lotus Evija X Prototype with 2,000-HP Crashes at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Gif: Goodwood Road & Racing

The speed-focused all-electric Lotus Evija X prototype collided directly with the wall on the driver’s right side as it was exiting the starting line for a hill climb at Goodwood on Thursday. This racing version of Lotus’ electric hypercar, boasting almost 2,000 horsepower, high-performance racing tires, and significant downforce, failed to prevent the driver from immediately losing control of the $2.3 million electric British sports car. With such immense power, events unfold in a split second, and something just didn’t go as planned when the driver engaged in burnout mode, causing significant damage to the vehicle.

CRASH $2 300 000 Lotus Evija X Hypercar Crashes instantly at startline Goodwood FOS 2024

The driver of the car involved in the incident remains unknown as it was listed on the official entry list as a “demo” run with no specified driver. The Evija X achieved the third-fastest time in history at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, driven by sportscar racing veteran Dirk Müller, leading to speculation that he may have been behind the wheel during the crash. The standard Evija entered at Goodwood had Multimatic driver Scott Maxwell listed as the driver, hence it is also possible that he was operating the car. The event coverage simply refers to the driver as “the driver.”

Despite some embarrassment and damage to the vehicle, it is likely that the car sustained minor injuries. The barriers at Goodwood FOS consist of large hay bales, which are less rigid compared to concrete barriers. Lotus is expected to repair the car and have it back in top condition, possibly even for future runs at Goodwood. Caution is advised when handling such immense power to prevent incidents like these.


Q: What caused the Lotus Evija X prototype to crash?

A: The exact cause of the crash is unknown, but it occurred as the car was leaving the start line at Goodwood.

Q: Will the car be repaired after the crash?

A: It is likely that Lotus will repair the car to its original condition for potential future use.


The incident involving the all-electric Lotus Evija X prototype crashing at Goodwood serves as a reminder of the power and precision required to handle such high-performance vehicles. Despite the mishap, the car is expected to undergo repairs and potentially return to the track in the future.

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