July 14, 2024

Kimera set to unveil new K39 race car on June 22nd

The Kimera K39 is a mysterious addition to the lineup from Kimera Automobili, known for their impressive Kimera 037 and Kimera 038 models. The Italian boutique carmaker is making its way to the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with this new creation, sparking curiosity and excitement among enthusiasts.

While details about the K39’s destination were initially kept under wraps, hints suggest that it will not be participating in the race at Pikes Peak. Instead, an unveiling event is scheduled for June 22, a day before the hill climb takes place. The Instagram posts from Kimera hint at a special reveal in a dreamlike setting, possibly in Colorado, with the iconic American flag fluttering in the background.

Although the K39 may not be competing at Pikes Peak, fans can look forward to experiencing its performance and design in other ways. Taking inspiration from the historic Lancia Beta Montecarlo Turbo that achieved success in the World Sportscar Championship, the K39 holds promise for both track and road enthusiasts.

Kimera hints at a future challenge for the K39 in the realm of modern motorsport, indicating that the car will not go unnoticed. While the initial focus may be on track versions, plans for road-legal iterations are also in the works. The prospect of seeing this innovative creation in action is certainly an exciting one.


What is the inspiration behind the Kimera K39?

The K39 draws inspiration from the legendary Lancia Beta Montecarlo Turbo, a successful contender in the World Sportscar Championship.

Will the Kimera K39 be available for road use?

While the K39 is initially designed for track performance, Kimera is considering the production of a limited number of road-legal versions.


The Kimera K39 represents a new chapter in Kimera Automobili’s legacy, combining heritage-inspired design with cutting-edge technology. As the countdown to its unveiling continues, enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the debut of this modern marvel in the world of motorsport.

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