July 25, 2024

Jay Leno appears diminutive next to the massive ‘The Beast’ Presidential Cadillac limo

Screenshot: Jay Leno’s Garage

Car enthusiast and former late-night talk show host James Douglas Muir Leno recently had the opportunity to host the current Cadillac-branded presidential limo in his garage for an interview with two secret service presidential detail members. There’s still much about these large vehicles that remains unknown to the general public for national security reasons, and Leno was not permitted to open the doors or windows, let alone inspect what’s under the hood. Despite these limitations, the video from Jay Leno’s Garage is definitely worth watching, providing insight into the immense size of The Beast, along with entertaining stories from the individuals who have driven it.

Regardless of your specific political views, it is impressive that General Motors created a nearly indestructible vehicle for one of the world’s most significant figures to travel in, right? It is somewhat amusing that even a custom-built behemoth like The Beast can experience common issues like the air conditioning unexpectedly failing. The President of the United States had to endure a ride in a car without air conditioning on a hot day. It just goes to show, he’s just like us!

Jay Leno Explores The Beast: Inside the Presidential Limousine with Secret Service Agents

We know that the Beast is 18 feet long, armored with eight inches of armor plating, and only one window can be rolled down. Rumors suggest that it is airtight with backup oxygen in case of a gas attack. The only thing that poses a threat to the president while in The Beast is the passage of time. Inside this massive vehicle, Joe Biden is certainly secure.

For a sense of the immense size of this colossal car, Jay Leno, at 5-foot-11, serves as a helpful reference point.


Can civilians ride in The Beast?

Unfortunately, The Beast is reserved exclusively for the president of the United States and authorized personnel.

How fast can The Beast go?

The exact top speed of The Beast is classified, but it is rumored to have impressive acceleration capabilities.

Is The Beast bulletproof?

Yes, The Beast is equipped with bulletproof armor to ensure the safety of the president.


Exploring the details and mysteries surrounding The Beast, the presidential limousine, offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of high-security vehicles. Despite its imposing size and advanced features, it is reassuring to know that even the most powerful figure in the nation is subject to unexpected car troubles, just like the rest of us.

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