July 14, 2024

Japanese 7-Eleven Snacks Now Available in U.S. Stores

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The corner shop industry is witnessing a substantial change in focus at present, and it might soon result in superior and more thrilling global choices for travel snacks. The typical model for American corner shops has traditionally revolved around tobacco items and fuel, but with declining trends in both of those markets, the franchise is shifting its emphasis entirely to food offerings. The chain of corner shops is under Japanese ownership, and the future outlook of the brand resembles the fresh food-centric shops in Japan rather than the typical chips-and-soda stores in America.

If you’ve ever visited Japan, you are aware of the fantastic quality of a 7-Eleven there. These shops receive several deliveries daily of top-notch, affordable fresh food items. Everything from the coffee to the ice cream is crafted to a superior standard. You won’t find roller grill hot dogs in a Japanese 7-Eleven store, but you can indulge in sushi without worrying about feeling unwell. U.S. 7-Eleven outlets are introducing new food options, such as tonkatsu ramen, spicy miso ramen, among a plethora of more traditional American store-branded products.

7-Eleven Is Reinventing Its $17B Food Business to Be More Japanese | WSJ The Economics Of

With the potential decline in gasoline sales due to the ongoing rise of EVs, and the continuous drop in tobacco product sales, a transformation in the entire corner shop industry might be imminent. Perhaps these stores will eventually resemble small grocery stores or eateries, offering more community-oriented services. However, rest assured that your favorite Big Gulp will not be discontinued, as they continue to sell like hotcakes.

The Japanese-owned company is revamping its entire network and reconstructing the supply chain from scratch to support this shift towards food. The era of 7-Eleven is over, long live 7-Eleven.

FAQ Section

Q: Will traditional American 7-Eleven stores completely phase out tobacco products and gasoline in the future?

A: While there is a shift towards prioritizing food offerings, it is unlikely that tobacco products and gasoline will be completely discontinued in the near future.

Q: What are some of the new food items being introduced in U.S. 7-Eleven stores?

A: Some of the new food offerings include tonkatsu ramen, spicy miso ramen, and a variety of traditional American store-branded products.


The evolution of the corner shop industry, particularly the transition towards prioritizing food offerings over tobacco and gasoline products, signifies a significant change in the market. With Japanese-owned 7-Eleven stores paving the way for fresh, high-quality food options, customers can expect a shift towards a more culinary-focused experience in American outlets. Despite the shift, traditional offerings like Big Gulps are likely to remain a staple, ensuring a blend of new and familiar options for consumers.

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