July 25, 2024

It has been a decade since smart car tipping occurred in San Francisco

I am one of the few individuals on Earth who truly adores Smart cars; they are unique and cute representations of vehicles, particularly when seen on the roads of the SUV and truck-focused United States. The Smart ForTwo was only available in the United States for 11 years from 2008 to 2019 before the brand exited the country altogether, and never achieved significant sales numbers for obvious reasons. Being the small-sized car made Smarts the target of jokes, but this news segment showcasing instances of individuals tipping Smarts over in San Francisco is too amusing to ignore.

The vandals who overturned the Smart ForTwos on the steep streets of San Francisco didn’t require much strength, given that Smart Fortwo weighs under a ton, as long as they had assistance from a few friends. I myself have lifted and relocated a Smart Fortwo belonging to a friend from my college crew team, so I know it’s not a challenging task. A witness observed six to eight individuals flipping the Smart Fortwos on the streets of San Francisco. The San Francisco Police Department discovered three overturned Smart ForTwos that weekend, although it remains unclear if the culprits were apprehended for their humorous yet illegal actions.

Hooded Smart Car Tippers Roam the San Francisco Streets

A 2008 Smart Fortwo weighed a mere 1,808 pounds, making it considerably lighter than any other vehicle on the road at that time, and even lighter than an original 1990 NA Mazda Miata. It was available in both coupe and convertible variants, initially equipped with a rear-mounted naturally aspirated 1.0-liter 3-cylinder engine producing 70 horsepower and 68 pound-feet of torque. Despite sharing a rear-engine, rear-wheel-drive configuration with the Porsche 911, the Smart Fortwo was notorious for its lack of driving thrill. Disliking these compact cars doesn’t justify damaging other people’s property, even if it may seem amusing.


Q: Are Smart cars safe to drive?

A: Smart cars are designed with safety in mind, with features like tridion safety cell and crash management system to protect occupants.

Q: Why are Smart cars considered quirky?

A: Smart cars are often seen as quirky due to their small size, unique design, and limited practicality compared to traditional vehicles.


While Smart cars may be subject to jokes and pranks like tipping, it’s important to remember that every vehicle deserves respect and protection from vandalism. Despite their small size, Smart cars serve a purpose for many drivers and should be treated with care on the roads.

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