July 14, 2024

Is the Cybertruck’s New Off-Road Mode Effective?

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We haven’t been particularly kind to the Tesla Cybertruck since it was first unveiled, and it’s not just because it’s a hefty 7,000-pound monster manufactured by a company whose CEO holds controversial views and acts immaturely. The vehicles have encountered numerous problems, including one instance where a simple car wash rendered one inoperable. Despite being marketed as capable of handling any terrain, it initially fell short in off-road performance. However, a recent over-the-air update seems to have addressed this issue.

During its initial trip to Moab, the Cybertruck faced challenges. While not a complete failure, it did struggle on what was considered a relatively moderate trail. However, the team knew that a substantial off-road update was in the works, so the first test served as a benchmark to highlight the necessary improvements.

The Tesla Cybertruck Struggles in Our First Off-Road Test!

Following the update, a return trip to Moab was in order to assess the vehicle’s improved off-road performance. The outcome? Significantly enhanced capabilities. Previous issues such as throttle control and traction programming have been addressed, making it easier to maneuver. The addition of a locking differential feature has notably improved the vehicle’s ability to navigate challenging terrain. Additionally, the inclusion of a crawl control mode enhances the overall off-road experience.

Despite the software updates, some of the Cybertruck’s off-road limitations persist. Challenges with departure angle and forward visibility remain, with no immediate solutions in sight. Nevertheless, the high-resolution cameras prove to be valuable aids during off-road excursions. While steer-by-wire presents challenges in determining front wheel status, it eliminates concerns about the steering wheel being yanked in an impact. Furthermore, the vehicle’s weight remains a significant factor.

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Q: Is the Cybertruck now better equipped for off-road adventures?

A: Yes, with the recent over-the-air update, the Cybertruck’s off-road performance has significantly improved.

Q: Are there any remaining challenges for the Cybertruck in off-road settings?

A: While the update addressed many issues, challenges such as departure angle and forward visibility persist.


The Tesla Cybertruck has seen notable improvements in off-road capabilities following a recent software update. While there are still some challenges to overcome, the overall performance has been enhanced, making it a more viable option for off-road enthusiasts.

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