July 21, 2024

Is DataCision the Ideal Match for Your Business Needs?

Are you interested in learning more about DataCision, the specialized credit underwriting solution designed for dealer commercial lending? Making a technology investment is a big decision that requires careful consideration. You may be intrigued by the idea of streamlining your processes, but unsure of the specific benefits that would be most valuable to your business.

One of the primary reasons businesses like yours choose DataCision is its wide range of features, which simplify equipment financing for dealers in various complex industries such as construction, agriculture, lawn and garden, motorcycles, and ATVs. While these industries offer lucrative wholesale financing opportunities, managing risk and enhancing visibility are crucial aspects of the process.

Here are some common scenarios in which DataCision could provide significant benefits to your business:

Enhancing Wholesale Equipment Financing
Regardless of whether you’re financing construction or agricultural equipment, lawn and garden equipment, or motorcycles and ATVs, understanding what your customer’s business can sustain and finance appropriately is a multifaceted process. DataCision streamlines this process and keeps everything in clear view.

Secure Document Upload
Lenders often require documents from customers to aid in the credit review process, whether for onboarding, annual reviews, or interim check-ins. Dealers can securely upload the necessary documents to a designated website. This secure method eliminates the need for unsecured channels like email for obtaining critical information for underwriting.

Understanding Dealer Groups
The evolution of dealer mergers and the rise of dealer groups in industries like power sports, recreation vehicles, and light equipment have altered the landscape of underwriting. DataCision makes it easy to view all relationships associated with your customer, providing crucial information for making credit recommendations.

Streamlining Data Entry
DataCision offers easy import capabilities, allowing you to import information from various spreading tools and financial sources for informed credit decisions. Templates can be created to expedite the setup process for customers with similar situations.

Additionally, DataCision is fully integrated with Wholesale Intelligence and Audit Intelligence, offering comprehensive visibility into your prospective customer’s financial status.

Conducting Scenarios
DataCision allows you to run different scenarios by adjusting various data fields to see how different circumstances may affect your customer’s credit decision. This feature enables customization of information based on the approver’s requirements.

Embracing Digital Transformation
One of the key advantages of DataCision is the ability to digitize your credit decisions, providing real-time access to information, secure data centralization, and easy sharing of information. Say goodbye to outdated methods like storing processes in binders or relying on a single individual for credit decision updates.

DataCision is part of DataScan’s comprehensive Connected Commercial Ecosystem. To discover how DataCision can benefit your business and enhance your commercial credit underwriting, reach out to us for a demo!

About DataScan
Based in Alpharetta, Georgia, DataScan is a leader in delivering wholesale asset financing and inventory risk management solutions to lenders. Our expertise helps lenders effectively manage their businesses and minimize risk. We are reshaping dealer commercial lending with our connected commercial ecosystem that streamlines operations for lenders.

For more information on our Connected Commercial Ecosystem, contact us at [email protected] or visit www.onedatascan.com.

Stay ahead of the curve and schedule a demo to experience the immediate benefits of DataCision!


1. Can DataCision handle finance for all types of equipment?
Yes, DataCision is designed to streamline equipment financing for a variety of industries, including construction, agriculture, lawn and garden, motorcycles, and ATVs.

2. Is DataCision integrated with other DataScan solutions?
Yes, DataCision is fully integrated with Wholesale Intelligence and Audit Intelligence, providing comprehensive financial visibility.

3. How does DataCision simplify the credit review process?
DataCision allows for secure document uploads, streamlined data entry, and the ability to run different scenarios to enhance credit decision-making.


DataCision offers a comprehensive solution for dealer commercial lending, providing an array of features that simplify equipment financing and enhance credit decision-making. With its secure document upload, integration with other DataScan solutions, and ability to streamline data entry, DataCision can revolutionize your credit underwriting process. Schedule a demo today to see the immediate benefits for your business!

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