July 21, 2024

Introducing the Latest Ford RS200: A Blast from the Past for Your Nostalgia

Image: Boreham

To commemorate the legendary RS200‘s 40th anniversary, English company Boreham has partnered with Ford to revive the Group B rally contender as a brand new officially licensed nostalgia powerhouse. Boreham Motorworks will “manufacture and enhance” the RS200 in limited quantities, with plans to revamp other Ford classics in the near future. If you’ve been dreaming of owning an RS200 with modern LED headlights, this is your opportunity.

Starting from 1984, Ford introduced this extraordinary mid-engine four-wheel-drive lightweight fiberglass racer in rally racing as a homologation special to compete against the renowned Audi Quattro. The RS200 excelled in rally conditions with its superior balance and grip, but its 1.8-liter engine lacked power and responsiveness. Following two fatal accidents in RS200s, Group B was discontinued at the conclusion of the 1986 season before the more potent 2.1-liter RS200 Evo could enter competition.

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Image: Boreham

Boreham has announced plans to construct these new RS200s from the ground up in a complete redesign, incorporating enough of the RS200 essence to satisfy nostalgic high-end car enthusiasts. The fiberglass body is likely to be replaced with carbon fiber, a more powerful and contemporary engine will probably be utilized, and modern computerized controls for the all-wheel drive system are expected. It will retain the appearance of an RS200, but it is poised to be faster and lighter.

Additionally, Boreham is developing a “era-appropriate” revival of the famed Escort Mexico, another Ford rally legend. Plans are in place for “at minimum five more iconic Ford vehicles” to follow these two, so anticipate Ford-endorsed resurrections of significant Ford racing models like the GT40, Lotus Cortina, and Mustang Boss 302.


Q: Will the new Ford RS200 have modern features?

A: Yes, the new Ford RS200 is expected to feature modern upgrades such as LED headlights, carbon fiber body, and advanced computerized controls.

Q: How many units of the new Ford RS200 will be produced?

A: The new Ford RS200 will be produced in limited numbers, catering to nostalgic high-end car collectors.

Q: What other Ford models are Boreham planning to revive?

A: Boreham is working on reviving the Escort Mexico and has plans for at least five more iconic Ford vehicles in the future.


The revival of the Ford RS200 by Boreham in collaboration with Ford marks a significant milestone in the automotive world. With modern enhancements and a commitment to retaining the essence of the original RS200, this new iteration is set to capture the hearts of car enthusiasts worldwide. Stay tuned for more exciting revivals from Boreham and Ford in the coming years.

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