July 14, 2024
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Ineos Automotive Launches Arcane Works Bespoke Division for the Grenadier

Car manufacturers are looking to cater to the desires of consumers who seek exclusivity. Ineos is set to launch a division called Arcane Works, which will specialize in creating unique versions of the Grenadier station wagon. The details of the customization options have not been fully disclosed, but it appears that Arcane Works will offer personalized design elements and work closely with skilled craftsmen to transform standard vehicles into one-of-a-kind creations.

In addition to personalization, Ineos Automotive will also produce limited runs of custom Grenadiers, featuring new exclusive features and serving as a testing ground for innovative technologies and systems. Each of these special editions will be given a unique name and offer enhancements such as uprated engine modifications and new chassis systems. This new venture by Ineos is reminiscent of the classic Land Rover Defender, which continues to be popular in the custom vehicle market.

Stay tuned for the unveiling of the first Arcane Works limited edition at the upcoming Goodwood Festival of Speed. This release is expected to surpass the previous special edition, the Grenadier 1924, which was created to celebrate Bestaff’s 100th anniversary. The Grenadier 1924 featured a distinctive color scheme and unique design elements, setting it apart from standard models.


Q: Can I customize my Grenadier through Arcane Works?

A: Yes, Arcane Works offers personalized design options and limited edition runs for customers looking for exclusivity.


Ineos’ launch of Arcane Works demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing unique and personalized vehicles for discerning consumers. With the upcoming releases of custom Grenadiers, Ineos is poised to make a mark in the custom vehicle market.

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