July 14, 2024

I Wish Fiat’s New Grande Panda Had Cheeks I Could Squeeze Because It’s So Cute

Photo: Fiat

Today brings thrilling news as Fiat unveils its latest Grande Panda, a charming mini crossover hatchback. Surprisingly, this marks only the fourth iteration of the Panda since its debut in 1980, with the original model in production until 2003! While previous Pandas offered all-wheel drive, the Grande Panda follows in the spirit of the original Panda 4×4.

The Grande Panda is constructed on Stellantis’ Smart Car platform, shared with models like the Citroën C3. Measuring 157 inches in length, it sits smaller than other B-segment cars but larger than its predecessor and even slightly longer than a new three-door Mini. While specific powertrain information is pending, the Grande Panda will offer electric and mild-hybrid options, aligning with its Citroën counterpart.

Side view of a yellow Fiat Grande Panda

Photo: Fiat

Forget about the technical details and appreciate the sheer cuteness of this Panda! Fiat emphasizes that “the new Fiat Grande Panda’s ‘Italianness’ is immediately evident through its iconic and whimsical Italian design, synonymous with beauty.” The Grande Panda exudes a robust presence with its blocky flared fenders, upright greenhouse, and a silhouette reminiscent of the original model.

Featuring distinctive pixel lights inspired by the Lingotto factory windows, the Grande Panda’s design elements, including the faux grille panel and front bumper, incorporate gradiented pixel features akin to a chessboard. The taillights mirror the headlights’ graphics but in a vertical orientation, complemented by silver skid plate elements on the front and rear bumpers. Stellantis showcases remarkable two-spoke (?) wheels, setting a new standard in wheel design.

Rear 3/4 view of a yellow Fiat Grande Panda

Photo: Fiat

Noteworthy are the door skins with an embossed silhouette of the Panda name in bold block letters. Fiat’s attention to branding and badging shines through, with the new retro logo, slim and tall letters, placed on the grille panel and tailgate. The black C-pillar trim features the Fiat logo, and a 3D Panda script adorns the black section of the tailgate.

Interior photos are yet to be revealed, but Fiat assures that the Grande Panda can accommodate five occupants, ideal for modern urban mobility and comfortable family trips. Stay tuned for more updates before the launch of the new Panda in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa later this year. Meanwhile, the previous-generation Panda, now rebranded as Pandino, will remain on the market until 2030. The Grande Panda marks the beginning of a lineup expansion, with new Panda models set to debut annually until 2027 — including concepts like an SUV, fastback crossover, compact van, and pickup truck.


Q: When will the Fiat Grande Panda be available for purchase?

A: The Grande Panda is scheduled to go on sale in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa later this year.

Q: What sets the Grande Panda apart from its predecessors?

A: The Grande Panda features a modern design with retro-inspired elements, offering a unique blend of style and functionality.


In conclusion, the Fiat Grande Panda embodies Italian craftsmanship and design, combining practicality with a touch of whimsy. With its charming aesthetics and promising features, the Grande Panda is set to make a mark in the compact car segment. Stay tuned for more updates on this adorable crossover hatchback!

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