July 14, 2024
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Hidden Treasure: Centennial Edition 2003 Ford Focus ZTS in the Junkyard

The initial vehicle manufactured by the Ford Motor Company was the 1903 Model A. A century later, Ford decided to produce some unique Centennial Edition cars and trucks. Ford customers had the option to purchase five Centennial Edition models for the year 2003: the Taurus, Mustang, Explorer, F-250/F-350, and Focus. All of these models were painted black, which was the sole color available for the 1914-1925 Model T. I have been on a quest to find a Centennial Edition Ford during my many years of exploring junkyards, and I finally stumbled upon this Focus in a junkyard in the Denver area.

It appears that a previous visitor to the junkyard had removed the special fender and decklid badges, but the “two-tone signature Centennial Leather” seats were still intact.

Unfortunately, the special Centennial Edition key chain, hardcover edition of “The Ford Century” book, wristwatch, and letter from Bill Ford were missing from the car.

This Junkyard Gem is in rough condition, so I have included an image from the sales brochure to showcase what it looked like in its prime. The previous Focus in this series was an ’02 Mach Audio, so the release of this edition was long overdue.

While the Centennial Edition Mustang was available in both coupe and convertible form, all of the Centennial Edition Foci were ZTS sedans.

A total of 4,000 units each of the Centennial Edition Taurus and Explorer were manufactured, with only 3,000 units produced for the Focus, Mustang, and F-Series.

100 years is a significant milestone for an automotive company, and there have been numerous special-edition cars released to commemorate other production anniversaries. It’s unfortunate that Studebaker is no longer in business, as 2040 will mark the 300th anniversary of the first horse-drawn wagon built by Peter Stutenbecker in the British Province of Maryland.

This ZTS model, the top-tier 2003 Focus sedan available in the United States, is equipped with the 130-horsepower DOHC Zetec engine.

Its predecessor from 1903 was equipped with a clutchless two-speed planetary transmission and a two-cylinder pushrod boxer engine, while this car features a more modern five-speed manual transmission.

The Ford Focus was available in American showrooms until 2018 when it was discontinued due to changing trends in vehicle design. However, the Focus is still available for purchase in other regions, as it shares the same platform as the current Maverick.

Should a beat-up early-1980s GM sedan attempt to douse your new black Focus with undoubtedly contaminated washer fluid, you’ll know how to handle the situation.


Q: How many Centennial Edition models were available for purchase in 2003?

A: There were five Centennial Edition models available for purchase in 2003: the Taurus, Mustang, Explorer, F-250/F-350, and Focus.

Q: What was the only color available for the 1914-1925 Model T?

A: The only color available for the 1914-1925 Model T was black.


The Centennial Edition Ford Focus showcased in the junkyard may be weathered and missing some key components, but it serves as a reminder of Ford’s century-long legacy in the automotive industry. Special edition models like these pay homage to the brand’s history and innovation, preserving a piece of automotive history for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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