July 21, 2024
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Hidden Treasure: 1993 Ford Escort LX Wagon in the Junkyard

The original North American Ford Escort was inspired by its European counterpart and was sold from the 1981 through 1990 model years. The platform of the Escort was later based on Mazda, continuing until the final ZX2 Escort coupes were sold in 2003.

The U.S.-market Escort was available in wagon form from 1981 through 1999. In 1993, the Escort wagon was offered only in the LX trim level with an MSRP of $10,367 (about $22,795 in 2024 dollars).

In 1993, non-wagon Escort buyers of the LX-E or GT models received a 1.8-liter DOHC Mazda four-cylinder engine rated at 127 horsepower, while other models came with a 1.9-liter Ford CVH engine producing 88 horsepower.

This Escort wagon was equipped with a manual transmission, with the option of a four-speed automatic available for an additional cost.

This Escort wagon shared a platform with the Mazda 323 (Protegé) and the Mercury Capri. Its Mercury counterpart was the Tracer.

By 1993, station wagons were falling out of favor with American consumers, with SUVs and compact SUVs gaining popularity.

A quirky bumper sticker found on this Escort was created by the late Frank T. Kostecki, a fur trapper and businessman known for promoting the consumption of roadkill possum.

The odometer of this Escort did not have six-digit functionality, so its final mileage is unknown.

Your local Ford dealer in the Northwest offered additional features such as air conditioning, AM/FM stereo, and a luggage rack at no extra charge!


Q: What was the MSRP of the 1993 Ford Escort wagon?

A: The MSRP of the 1993 Ford Escort wagon in LX trim level was $10,367.


In conclusion, the 1993 Ford Escort wagon showcased various features and options that were popular at the time, despite the declining interest in station wagons. With its unique history and design elements, this Escort serves as a nostalgic reminder of an era when compact wagons were a common sight on American roads.

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