July 21, 2024

GWM ORA UK forms new partnership with Arnold Clark to grow network

GWM ORA UK has established a new dealership alliance with the automotive retailer Arnold Clark, marking a significant step in expanding its UK network.

This partnership will result in the launch of new showrooms in Glasgow, Linwood, and Stirling.

As part of its efforts to provide convenient access to maintenance and repair services for customers, GWM ORA is expanding its presence in the UK.

GWM ORA managing director Toby Marshall expressed, “Expanding our retail network is a priority, and we are making good progress towards our goals this year. Partnering with a well-known brand like Arnold Clark reflects the positive reputation GWM ORA is building in the UK.”

The collaboration with Arnold Clark expands GWM ORA’s network in the UK to 40 customer service points, including sales, aftersales, and test drive facilities.

GWM ORA brand director at Arnold Clark, Gavin McKenzie, commented, “We are excited to welcome GWM ORA to the Arnold Clark family. Despite being a relatively new player in the UK market, they have a strong brand presence and we are looking forward to a successful partnership.”

The newly launched ORA 03 PRO+ variant from GWM ORA features a 63kWh battery providing a WLTP range of 260 miles.

It offers amenities such as heated and cooled front seats with a massage function, a heated steering wheel, a panoramic sunroof, a powered gesture tailgate, rear privacy glass, and advanced automatic parking assistance.

The upcoming model, ORA 07, will unveil its GT variant at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on 11 July.

In April, GWM ORA introduced a new in-house battery inspection and evaluation initiative to support its aftersales operations and third-party repairers in the UK.

This initiative includes a dedicated technical team providing guidance on the status and repairability of traction batteries after a reported customer collision or accident.


1. What is the expansion plan of GWM ORA in the UK?

GWM ORA is expanding its network in the UK by partnering with automotive retailer Arnold Clark and opening new showrooms in Glasgow, Linwood, and Stirling.

2. What amenities are offered in the ORA 03 PRO+ variant?

The ORA 03 PRO+ variant includes features like heated and cooled front seats, a heated steering wheel, a panoramic sunroof, and more.

3. When will ORA 07 unveil its GT variant?

The GT variant of ORA 07 will be unveiled at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on 11 July.


The partnership between GWM ORA and Arnold Clark signifies a major step in expanding GWM ORA’s presence in the UK market. With the introduction of new showrooms and enhanced models, the collaboration aims to provide customers with top-notch services and innovative vehicles. The future looks promising for this growing alliance.

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