July 21, 2024
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Ford Encourages Managers to Purchase More Electric Vehicles through Updated Leasing Policy


Ford Motor is making efforts to increase the adoption of electric vehicles among its managers, as stated in an internal email reviewed by Reuters.

The company, headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, has updated its leasing program for eligible current and former managers. They are now required to choose an electric Mustang Mach-E SUV or F-150 Lightning pickup for supplementary vehicle leasing. Each manager is typically allowed to lease one to two vehicles, depending on their management level, before opting for a supplemental car.

This marks the first time Ford has specified the purchase of EVs for the supplementary lease program, according to a company spokesperson.

“By encouraging our employees to drive electric vehicles through this optional program, they can firsthand experience the ease of driving an EV and share their experiences with others, which is crucial for increasing acceptance of new technology,” the spokesperson explained.

While Ford has thousands of managers, the exact number impacted by this policy change was not disclosed by the company. Vehicles leased by Ford managers contribute to the automaker’s sales figures.

Despite slower than expected sales of the F-150 Lightning, Ford CEO Jim Farley remains optimistic about the future of EVs. The company has adjusted production capacity and pricing strategies for the F-150 Lightning and Mach-E models to drive demand and compete effectively in the market.

Notably, sales of Ford hybrids have shown significant growth, outpacing the sales increase of EVs in the previous year. Ford is set to announce its first-half sales results soon.

Farley has underlined the importance of hybrid vehicles in Ford’s product lineup, indicating their continued significance in the automotive industry.

Managers who currently have a supplemental lease vehicle that is not one of the designated EVs must either return or purchase the vehicle by May 15, 2025, according to the email sent to managers.

Contact the author: Nora Eckert; Edited by Aurora Ellis


1. Will Ford’s new policy affect all managers?

Ford has not disclosed the exact number of managers impacted by the policy change.


Ford’s initiative to encourage its managers to choose electric vehicles for their supplementary leases reflects the company’s commitment to promoting EV adoption. By incentivizing employees to experience driving an EV, Ford aims to increase awareness and acceptance of electric vehicle technology.

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