July 14, 2024
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Fisker’s Recall of all 2023 Oceans is Due to a Strange Issue

Product recalls vary in size and style, and this recall for the 2023 Fisker Ocean is no exception. All 6,864 units of the 2023 Ocean are affected by this recall, which focuses on correcting the fonts and colors of certain warning lights.

The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard code mandates specific font sizes and styles for warning lights, as well as designated colors for different warnings. In the case of the Ocean, the font size for the brake, park, and ABS warning indicators was deemed too small, the brake warning lights were amber instead of red, and some tire pressure warning lights were not operating correctly. While these may seem like minor issues, adherence to these regulations ensures that warnings are universally clear and easy to understand.

The necessary corrections will be made through an over-the-air update, addressing the font sizing, colors, and operation of the warning lights displayed on the car’s screens. This update will bring the Ocean into compliance with federal standards and will be provided to owners free of charge, without requiring a visit to a dealership or service center. Owners will receive notification letters on June 30, and any inquiries can be directed to Fisker at 1-844-347-5371, referencing recall number TSB70062404.


Q: What is the nature of the recall for the 2023 Fisker Ocean?

A: The recall addresses issues with the font size, colors, and operation of certain warning lights on the vehicle.


In conclusion, while the recall for the 2023 Fisker Ocean may seem minor in nature, it underscores the importance of adhering to federal safety standards for warning indicators. By promptly addressing these issues through an over-the-air update, Fisker is ensuring the continued safety and compliance of their vehicles.

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