July 25, 2024
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First Drive: 2025 Porsche 911 GTS T-Hybrid Stays True to Its Roots

MÁLAGA, Spain — The 2025 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS T-Hybrid is a unique hybrid vehicle that seamlessly integrates electrified elements without compromising its performance. The 3.6-liter turbocharged flat-six engine, paired with an electric-assisted exhaust gas turbocharger known as the “eTurbo,” delivers instant boost and a smooth torque curve. The electric motor integrated into the transmission adds extra power and regenerates energy during braking or coasting. Overall, the T-Hybrid system enhances the 911’s performance without sacrificing its iconic driving experience.

The T-Hybrid’s hybrid system is not intrusive, with the battery being liquid-cooled and designed to withstand track use. The system constantly shuffles energy between the eTurbo and electric motor to optimize performance. On the track, the GTS impresses with its relentless power delivery and advanced aerodynamics, featuring active air intake flaps and adaptive front diffusers. The car remains agile and responsive, with minimal weight gain compared to non-hybrid models.

While the T-Hybrid excels in performance, Porsche also addresses emissions standards with the new 3.6-liter engine, featuring efficiency improvements and electrified accessories. The total system output of 532 horsepower and 449 pound-feet of torque surpasses the outgoing model, resulting in faster acceleration and improved handling capabilities.

Interior upgrades include a new infotainment system, cooled wireless phone charging, and enhanced drive modes. The hybrid monitoring view provides detailed information on the system’s operation. Despite some minor changes, such as the removal of the analog tachometer, the overall driving experience remains true to the 911’s legacy.

The T-Hybrid represents a significant step forward for Porsche, serving as a testbed for future hybrid technology in the 911 lineup. Priced at $166,895, the GTS offers a compelling blend of performance and efficiency that will appeal to Porsche enthusiasts and newcomers alike.


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The 2025 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS T-Hybrid represents a harmonious blend of electrification and performance, showcasing the brand’s commitment to innovation without compromising driving dynamics. With advanced technology, enhanced aerodynamics, and improved efficiency, the T-Hybrid sets a new standard for hybrid sports cars while staying true to the iconic 911 heritage.

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