July 14, 2024

Eurig Druce named Managing Director for Peugeot’s UK operations

Peugeot has announced the designation of Eurig Druce as its new Managing Director for UK operations. Druce, who has been with the Stellantis Group since 2001, began his career at Peugeot as a trainee.

In his new position, Druce will also continue his B2B sales duties as Vice President for Stellantis UK. He will be reporting to Maria Grazia Davino, Managing Director of Stellantis UK. Druce will be taking over from Adam Wood, who is leaving the company.

Druce stated: “Peugeot is continuing to grow, and I am thrilled to be back where I began my career in the industry. With the largest selection of electric vehicles in the UK market, I am excited to unlock the true potential of the brand with our dealer network.”

Maria Grazia Davino commented: “I am excited to continue collaborating with him during this exciting period as we introduce new products and electrified technologies to the market. I appreciate Adam for his contributions and wish him success in his future endeavors.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Eurig Druce’s new role at Peugeot?

Eurig Druce is the new Managing Director for Peugeot’s UK operations.

2. How long has Eurig Druce been with the Stellantis Group?

Eurig Druce has been with the Stellantis Group since 2001.

3. Who is Eurig Druce replacing in his new role?

Eurig Druce is replacing Adam Wood in his new role as Managing Director for Peugeot UK.


Eurig Druce’s appointment as the new Managing Director for Peugeot UK signifies a new chapter for the brand in the region. With his experience and dedication, Peugeot is poised for further growth and success in the UK market.

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