July 14, 2024

Enormous Ship Becomes Wedged in Tunnel Beneath Los Angeles Airport

A truck driver transporting an enormous vessel on Thursday successfully got it trapped in a tunnel close to the Los Angeles International Airport, causing inconvenience to drivers, travelers, and boat enthusiasts in an unusual transportation conundrum.

The boat was being carried on a large load carrier, indicating that the driver likely anticipated a tight squeeze in certain areas. Nonetheless, they proceeded into the Sepulveda Boulevard tunnel, which passes underneath two LAX runways. The colossal boat became firmly stuck a good distance into the tunnel, as reported by KTLA:

“The sheer size of the vessel proved too much for the tunnel’s clearance, leading to a traffic gridlock,” stated Los Angeles Airport Police stated. “Quick-thinking LAXPD officers had to shut down the affected lanes, carefully maneuver the boat in reverse, and eventually guide it back onto Imperial Highway.”

LAXPD commented that the “unusual” incident left commuters “both bewildered and entertained as they witnessed [the] maritime mishap unfold in an unexpected urban setting.”

The driver should have checked the route before embarking on the journey. If they had, they would have known that the nearly 2,000-foot-long Sepulveda Boulevard only offers a clearance of 13.5 to 15 feet. Authorities mentioned that traffic came to a halt, but most drivers eventually found alternative routes around the boat.

Image: LAXPD Facebook

LAXPD officers successfully dislodged the boat, but it did not proceed further into the tunnel. The police managed to get the truck hauling the boat to reverse, pushing the massive and likely very expensive boat back into the daylight. Subsequently, airport police escorted the boat back along the same route, as mentioned in a Facebook post by the department.

## FAQ

**Q: How did the boat get stuck in the tunnel?**
A: The boat’s size exceeded the tunnel’s clearance, causing it to become trapped.

**Q: What actions were taken to resolve the situation?**
A: LAXPD officers closed affected lanes, reversed the boat, and guided it back onto the highway.

**Q: Were there any traffic disruptions as a result of the incident?**
A: Yes, traffic came to a standstill, but alternative routes were eventually found.

## Conclusion

The incident of a massive boat getting stuck in a tunnel near LAX serves as a reminder to always consider the size and clearance of transportation routes. The quick actions of the airport police helped resolve the situation, leading to the safe removal of the boat. It was a unique and unexpected event that left commuters both puzzled and entertained.

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