July 25, 2024

End of an Era: Nissan GT-R R35 to Cease Production After 17 Years

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The R35-era GT-R has acted as Nissan’s flagship vehicle since it debuted in 2007, but it is finally coming to an end. Somehow the legendary all-wheel-drive Godzilla remained a powerhouse of technology and speed throughout all those years. The car was introduced to great acclaim, outperforming much more expensive vehicles from Porsche and Ferrari, and it has remained a favorite among enthusiasts for nearly two decades despite retaining a similar appearance to its launch 17 years ago. It was so far ahead of its time back then that it took this long for others to catch up. Nissan relied heavily on the GT-R for performance, and it is now time for it to make its exit into history.

Nissan recently announced that the GT-R will receive two final limited edition models, known as the T-Spec Takumi and the Skyline Editions. The T-Spec Takumi Edition honors Nissan’s takumi master craftsmen who hand-build the VR38DETT engines in each GT-R. This variant will be offered only in a Midnight Purple exterior with Mori Green interior accents, a stunning combination. The Takumi Edition will also feature carbon-ceramic brakes, a unique gold version of the Rays 20-inch wheels, broader front fenders, and a Nismo-tuned chassis control module. These additional features come at a premium price, with the Takumi Edition priced at $151,090.

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Photo: Nissan

The Skyline Edition reintroduces the iconic Bayside Blue color from the R34 generation, which is absolutely cool, and the interior is a delightful light Sora Blue. The Skyline Edition is priced at $131,090. Both versions are expected to arrive at Nissan dealerships this summer, with fewer than 200 units of each being manufactured.

In the announcement regarding these special editions and the discontinuation of the R35, Nissan stated:

Although the R35 GT-R leaves behind an unforgettable legacy, Nissan is now heavily concentrated on the future and the next phase of thrilling advancements in performance.

The choice of words is significant, as Nissan unveiled its electric, 1,300-horsepower Hyper Force concept last autumn, outlining what the upcoming generation GT-R could potentially offer.


Q: What are the final special edition models for the Nissan GT-R?

A: The final special edition models for the Nissan GT-R are the T-Spec Takumi and Skyline Editions.

Q: How many units of each special edition model will be produced?

A: Fewer than 200 units of each special edition model will be built.


With the end of production for the R35 Nissan GT-R, Nissan is looking towards future innovations in performance and technology. The final special edition models pay tribute to the legacy of the GT-R while setting the stage for what’s to come in the next generation of Nissan’s performance lineup.

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