July 25, 2024
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Electrify America to Implement 85% Charging Limit to Reduce Wait Times

Electrify America recently introduced a new “Congestion Reduction Pilot” program aimed at improving charging efficiency and reducing wait times for electric vehicle owners. The program sets a state of charge limit of 85% at select charging stations, starting with 10 locations in California.

Once an EV reaches the 85% limit, the charger will automatically stop charging, initiating a 10-minute grace period for the owner to unplug their vehicle. If the car remains connected after the grace period, idle fees will apply. This initiative aims to free up fast chargers for other users, as charging speeds significantly decrease past the 80% mark for most EVs.

In situations where a full charge is necessary for a road trip, alternative high-utilization charging stations are recommended for a complete 100% charge. Electrify America selected pilot locations based on distance between stations and utilization statistics to ensure accessibility for users requiring a full charge.

Attempting to charge an EV above 85% state of charge or reconnecting after reaching the limit will result in the charger not initiating the charging process. Electrify America emphasizes that no exceptions will be made for specific charging plans or workarounds.

The pilot program is set to commence this month, with updates on participating stations available here. Electrify America plans to expand the program based on station performance and user feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I charge my EV to 100% at these pilot stations?

A: The program limits charging to 85% to reduce congestion at fast chargers. Users needing a full charge are advised to utilize alternative stations in the vicinity.


Electrify America’s “Congestion Reduction Pilot” program sets a new standard for efficient and timely charging for electric vehicles. By implementing a state of charge limit at select stations, the initiative aims to streamline the charging process and enhance user experience. Stay updated on the program’s progress and potential expansion through the provided link.

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