July 25, 2024

Driver fails to immediately notice Tesla Autopilot’s error of mistaking train tracks for road

A Tesla driver in California experienced a challenging situation last week when their vehicle ended up on a train track due to a misunderstanding by the Autopilot system.

The incident took place in Woodland, California, a town located 15 miles outside of Sacramento. As per a Facebook post by the Woodland Police Department, Tesla drivers are advised to remain alert while using the Autopilot feature.

There have been more than 200 incidents and 29 fatalities related to Tesla’s Autopilot system. Despite these statistics, Tesla owners continue to rely on it. In a separate incident a couple of months ago in Ohio, a Tesla using the supposedly advanced Full Self Driving feature nearly collided with a speeding train before the driver intervened and hit the railroad crossing arm. The driver mentioned preventing a similar mishap earlier in the year. 

Whether utilizing Autopilot or Full-Self Driving in a Tesla, it is crucial to understand that both systems currently operate at Level 2 autonomy. At Level 2, both Autopilot and Full Self Driving necessitate an attentive driver ready to take control if necessary.

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