July 25, 2024
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Delays in Ineos Fusilier Production attributed to High Demand for Electric Vehicles and Tariff Concerns

Ineos is the most recent automaker to postpone the introduction of an electric model. Mentioning a decrease in demand for electric vehicles and concerns regarding tariffs, the British company revealed that the Fusilier, initially planned for production in 2027 as a smaller alternative to the Grenadier, will not be entering production as scheduled.

“We are postponing the launch of the Ineos Fusilier for two reasons: limited consumer interest in EVs and industry uncertainty surrounding tariffs, timelines, and taxes. Policymakers need to provide clear long-term guidance,” the company explained to industry trade publication Automotive News Europe in an emailed statement. A new timeline has not been provided at this time, so it is unclear when the SUV will be released.

Although specific technical details were not disclosed at the unveiling, Ineos had intended to offer two versions of the Fusilier: an electric model and a plug-in hybrid variant utilizing a small gasoline engine as a range extender. It is unknown if both powertrains have been postponed, or if the plug-in model will still go into production by the end of 2027 as originally planned.

At present, Ineos has only showcased the Fusilier as a concept and through computer-generated images, featuring a rugged design resembling a scaled-down Grenadier. The delay of the electric version appears to have occurred early in the development process, despite enlisting Magna, an Austrian engineering firm and contract manufacturer also responsible for producing the Grenadier, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, and the Toyota Supra.

Ineos is expected to provide further updates on the future of the Fusilier project in the coming months. Meanwhile, the brand has commenced production of its first pickup, the Grenadier-based Quartermaster, at the Hambach factory in France, which was previously used for Smart car production.


1. Why was the launch of the Ineos Fusilier delayed?

The delay was attributed to a lack of interest in electric vehicles from consumers and uncertainties in the industry regarding tariffs, timelines, and taxes.

2. What are the different variants of the Ineos Fusilier?

The Fusilier was planned to be offered in an electric model and a plug-in hybrid version utilizing a small gasoline engine as a range extender.


Due to challenges in the EV market and tariffs issues, Ineos, along with many other automakers, has had to adjust their launch plans. The delay of the Fusilier highlights the complexities and uncertainties facing the automotive industry as it navigates the transition to electric vehicles.

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