July 25, 2024

Cybertruck Submerged in Water and Koenigsegg Jesko Engulfed in Flames in Latest Car Culture Recap

Tesla hasn’t looked this dire since Elon Musk had his original hairline
Photo: James Leynse/Corbis (Getty Images)

Happy Monday! It’s July 1, 2024, and here is The Morning Shift, your daily compilation of the top automotive news from across the globe, all in one spot. Below are the significant updates you should be aware of. – Amber DaSilva Discover More

FAQ Section

  • Q: What type of news does The Morning Shift cover?

    A: The Morning Shift covers all the latest automotive headlines from around the world.

  • Q: Is The Morning Shift updated daily?

    A: Yes, The Morning Shift is your go-to source for daily automotive news updates.


In conclusion, stay informed and up-to-date with The Morning Shift for all your automotive news needs.

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