July 25, 2024

Cybertruck Owner Accidentally Breaks His Truck While Pretending it’s Broken

Electric trucks manufactured by Tesla are famous for their tendency to malfunction in unusual and peculiar ways, but this particular incident takes the cake, and surprisingly, it wasn’t entirely the vehicle’s fault. In this case, the blame falls on the owner (discounting a design flaw).

Social media influencer Jeremy Judkins has been documenting his ownership experience of a Tesla Cybertruck since the day he acquired it. Recently, he shared a video detailing how his Cybertruck failed to release the charger, rendering the vehicle immobile. Assuming he could leave the cord in the truck bed without any issues, he soon discovered that the truck detected it was still connected, thus locking the vehicle. After researching, he located a small access panel behind the tailgate that housed an emergency release cord. Following some trial and error attempts, he managed to unlatch the plug. However, he confessed to potentially causing damage in the process.

Gif: Jeremy Judkins via TikTok

One would assume the saga concluded there, but that wasn’t the case. A day later, Judkins clarified in another video that his Cybertruck was not initially damaged, and the exaggerated story was meant to demonstrate how to resolve the charger issue. Unfortunately, the exaggeration turned into reality, and the release cord is now broken. While attempting to disengage the cord, it appears that Judkins pulled too forcefully, resulting in the cable breaking.

He mentioned that the cable is now loose with no tension, deviating far from its intended position – almost a foot away from the vehicle’s body. Initially, it might seem like user error on Judkins’ part, but there could be more to the story.

In a snippet from the Cybertruck’s manual shared by Judkins, it warns that utilizing the manual release for the charger could lead to damage to the vehicle and should only be employed in emergencies. A cautionary note states:

“CAUTION: Use the release cable only in situations where you cannot release the charge cable using the usual methods. Frequent use can damage the release cable or changing equipment.”

There hasn’t been an update from Judkins regarding the broken release cord, but any developments will be closely monitored. While it’s acknowledged that Judkins shouldn’t have used the cable in the first place, one might argue that Tesla should have engineered it to withstand more than a single use. It appears that, similar to other aspects of the Cybertruck, it was hastily assembled and not built to endure over time.

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