July 25, 2024

Create Your Own Pizza-Cooking Lexus Monogram GX for Less than $5,000

Yesterday, Lexus unveiled a fresh concept: The GX with a pizza oven in the rear, so you and your elegant companions can enjoy the most luxurious tailgate in the world. The Monogram GX, as it’s known, is a custom creation showcasing Monogram-branded appliances — premium gear in a luxurious vehicle with top-notch craftsmanship. Clearly, us budget-conscious folks can outdo this.

Why should we be prohibited from making pizzas in our own vehicles? Why can’t we create a pie just as good as the Monogram GX can — perhaps even better? I affirm there is no justification. I declare we can concoct the pizzas of our dreams in our own Lexus GXs, and I assert we can accomplish it all for under five grand. Here’s how.

Photo: Lexus

First off, you’ll need a Lexus GX. Sure, you could attempt this in almost any SUV or hatchback, but if we’re emulating a luxury automaker, let’s do it properly. Here’s a first-gen GX for $4,000 in gold, which you can convince yourself is the shade of Tuscan rooftop shingles at dusk. You know, pizza time.

Now that we have a vehicle, let’s address the whole pizza situation. Lexus’s Monogram launch boasts that “the electric hearth oven was meticulously crafted to emulate the performance of a wood-fired brick oven to prepare pizza, soft artisanal bread, or fresh-caught roasted branzino,” in possibly the most Williams-Sonoma-esque language from a car brand ever. So, let’s surpass them — we won’t just emulate the performance of a wood-fired oven, we’ll install an actual wood-fired oven in this vehicle.

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Photo: Lexus

The Ooni Fyra is a legitimate wood-fired oven, priced at $350. Factor in the cost of brackets to secure it to the floor, and we’re looking at a $400 investment here. Naturally, since we’re burning real wood inside a vehicle, we’ll need a way to vent the smoke in a controlled manner, like this $30 dryer hose and exhaust vent combination that can be neatly installed into the GX’s roof with the aid of a Sawzall.

At this point, we’re $4,430 into our project, leaving us with ample funds to replicate the Monogram’s other affluent features. “External wine and bourbon storage?” Here’s a $25 cooler. “Chilling compartments?” The same cooler. “The first and only heated ice press in the U.S.; entertain to the nines with this showstopping piece, that creates a sphere to chill bourbon or spirits?” Get real. Purchase ice from the gas station like the rest of us.

The remainder of the Monogram’s features essentially come down to “it includes cups,” which Solo can provide for under five bucks. I bet the fancy Lexus glasses don’t even feature Jazz Cup graphics. We’re now invested $4,460 into this project, and there’s little else we could desire in this world. Someone, please, execute this and capture images. I’m eager to see the ultimate pizza-making tailgate setup.