July 25, 2024

Commercial vehicle grading scheme improved by BCA

BCA has introduced an update to its Commercial Vehicle Grading scheme to simplify the identification and comparison of vehicle conditions for buyers and sellers. The new grading system utilizes a points-based approach to assess damage, with an LCV grading algorithm providing a clear indication of vehicle condition. This allows sellers to make informed decisions about refurbishment before selling.

Stuart Pearson, BCA COO, commented, “BCA has been grading Commercial Vehicles for many years, and our latest update is based on data from hundreds of thousands of LCVs sold at BCA. Regardless of the value range, buyers are looking for vehicles that can quickly be turned into sales opportunities. The updated Commercial Vehicle Grading system benefits both buyers and sellers in this process.”

Pearson also emphasized BCA’s commitment to investing in technology and infrastructure to support the buying and selling process. With the Commercial Vehicle sector expanding, BCA is projected to exceed 100,000 LCV sales this year. The Online Commercial Vehicle sales program, operational seven days a week, ensures buyers can easily access the right stock when needed.


1. How does the updated Commercial Vehicle Grading scheme benefit buyers and sellers?

2. What technology and infrastructure investments has BCA made to support the buying and selling process?

3. How many LCV sales is BCA projected to exceed this year?


The enhanced Commercial Vehicle Grading scheme by BCA aims to streamline the vehicle condition assessment process for both buyers and sellers. With a focus on technology and infrastructure, BCA is poised to meet the growing demands of the Commercial Vehicle sector and provide a seamless buying experience for all stakeholders.

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