July 21, 2024
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Classic Find: 1965 Rambler Ambassador 990 Convertible Unearthed in Junkyard

By the mid-1960s, George Romney had left American Motors to become governor of Michigan and Roy Abernethy, the company president, had decided that AMC needed to compete more directly against GM, Ford, and Chrysler. To achieve this, a genuine full-size car had to be created to rival the Impala, Galaxie, and Monaco. The Rambler Ambassador, redesigned by Dick Teague for the 1965 model year, became that car.

This Ambassador is now parked between a Chevelle and a Mustang at Colorado Auto & Parts. The Ambassador 990 convertible, priced at $2,955 in 1965, featured a powerful 327-cubic-inch V8 engine.

The Ambassador also offered a 232-cubic-inch “Torque-Command” straight-six engine. The 1965 model boasted optional features like a three-speed automatic transmission and rear speakers for the radio.

American Motors sold just under 65,000 Ambassadors in 1965, a fraction of Chevy’s full-size car sales that year. Despite its unique features and design, the slow sales of the Ambassador contributed to AMC’s challenges against the Detroit Big Three.

After 1965, AMC faced challenges against the bigger automakers, eventually leading to Chrysler’s acquisition of the company in 1987.


What engine options were available for the 1965 Rambler Ambassador?

The 1965 Rambler Ambassador offered a choice between a 327-cubic-inch V8 and a 232-cubic-inch straight-six engine.

What was the price of a new 1965 Rambler Ambassador?

The price of a new 1965 Rambler Ambassador was $2,955.

How many Ambassadors did American Motors sell in 1965?

American Motors sold just under 65,000 Ambassadors in 1965.


The 1965 Rambler Ambassador was a unique offering from American Motors, designed to compete in the full-size car segment dominated by the Big Three automakers. While it had distinctive features and a powerful engine option, slow sales of the Ambassador reflected the challenges faced by AMC against larger competitors in the industry.

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