July 21, 2024

Chase Auto discontinues financing for Fisker vehicles, halts sales

Chase Auto is no longer providing financing for Fisker vehicles, leading dealerships to halt Fisker sales. The electric vehicle manufacturer declared bankruptcy on June 17 following operational changes. A Chase spokesperson confirmed that the private-label relationship between Chase and Fisker, which formed Fisker Financial Services in 2022, has come to an end.


1. Why is Chase no longer financing Fisker vehicles?

Chase has decided to end its private-label relationship with Fisker, resulting in the discontinuation of financing for Fisker vehicles.

2. What should dealerships do now that Fisker sales have been paused?

Dealerships should explore alternative financing options for customers interested in purchasing Fisker vehicles.


With Chase Auto no longer financing Fisker vehicles, dealerships and customers will need to find alternative solutions for financing. The bankruptcy filing of Fisker has led to operational changes that have impacted the availability of financing for their vehicles. It is important for dealerships to communicate these changes to customers and explore other financing options to ensure a smooth sales process.

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