July 21, 2024

CEO of Stellantis Financial Services Emphasizes Transformation into a “True Captive”

Stellantis Financial Services experienced significant growth in its new captive portfolio in 2023, and is actively seeking to attract dealers to its “true captive” financing arm. The portfolio of Stellantis Financial Services (SFS) saw a remarkable 243% increase year over year in 2023, reaching $7 billion, as reported in an analysis of the latest Big Wheels Rankings data by Auto Finance News.


  • What is Stellantis Financial Services?
  • How much did the SFS portfolio grow in 2023?
  • What is the focus of SFS in terms of financing?


Stellantis Financial Services has made significant strides in growing its captive portfolio and is actively working to attract dealers to its financing arm. The substantial growth in the SFS portfolio in 2023 showcases the company’s commitment to expanding its reach and impact in the market.

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