July 25, 2024

CDK informs customers that dealer system outage expected until June 30

Car dealerships impacted by a cyberattack on software provider CDK Global are facing significant delays in restoring their systems. CDK Global warned dealerships that the outages may continue until the end of the month, forcing them to consider alternative financial plans for end-of-month operations.


Q: When can car dealerships expect their systems to be fully restored?

A: CDK Global has advised that systems may not be restored until June 30.

Q: What should dealerships do in the meantime to handle their finances?

A: Dealerships should make alternative plans to ensure smooth operations at the end of the month.


The cyberattack on CDK Global has caused significant disruptions for car dealerships, with potential delays in system restoration until the end of the month. Dealerships are urged to prepare alternative financial plans to navigate the ongoing outages.

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