July 21, 2024

Car dealers discover alternative financing solutions during CDK cyberattack

Some car dealerships were impacted differently following a cyberattack on dealer software provider CDK Global today, the second attack in two days. Gengras Ford, based in Plainville, Conn., had to strategize on how to manage the platform after the cyberattack disrupted purchase order processing.


  • How did the cyberattack affect CDK Global’s dealer software?
  • What steps did Gengras Ford take to address the challenges caused by the cyberattack?
  • Are other car dealerships also experiencing issues due to the cyberattack on CDK Global?


It’s crucial for car dealerships to have contingency plans in place for situations like cyberattacks on software providers. The impact can vary, but quick and effective responses can help minimize disruptions to operations.

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