July 21, 2024

BVRLA discusses potholes on the road to achieving zero-emission transport

The United Kingdom’s aspiration for zero-emission road transport is facing significant hurdles, as evidenced in the latest Road to Zero Report by the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA). Despite initial progress, crucial sectors for this transition are now encountering challenges.

Gerry Keaney, CEO of BVRLA, remarked on the report, highlighting a slowdown in the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs): “Electric car registrations are plateauing, demand for electric vans is decreasing, and the secondary market for EVs is in decline. The initial momentum is fading. Despite having over one million zero-emission vehicles on the road and a growing network of public chargepoints, confidence in the transition is diminishing.”

The report, developed in partnership with Ricardo, offers a comprehensive analysis of decarbonization efforts, combining industry data with insights from key stakeholders in vehicle rental, leasing, fleet management, and related industries.

Key highlights from the 2024 report include:

  1. Impact of ZEV Mandate: Six months into the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Mandate, business leasing for electric cars remains robust, assisting manufacturers in meeting the mandate. However, personal leasing demand has declined, and utilization of electric cars in rental fleets is low due to driver concerns about charging infrastructure and vehicle suitability.
  2. Expansion of Charging Infrastructure: The rollout of public chargepoints is making steady progress, aiming to surpass 300,000 units by 2030. Despite improvements in reliability, the charging experience requires further enhancements. Accessible chargepoints for vans are scarce, and there is a widespread demand for pre-bookable chargepoints and simplified payment systems.
  3. Used EV Market Dynamics: The report delves into the evolving market for used battery electric vehicles (BEVs), emphasizing the need for targeted initiatives to stimulate this sector as the UK’s vehicle fleet undergoes transformation.

Keaney stressed the urgency of immediate government interventions: “The new government must act swiftly on decarbonization of road transport. Specific measures are essential for charging infrastructure, the secondary market, and the transition to electric vans. Armed with the insights from this report, we are prepared to advance these conversations.”

The complete report can be accessed on the dedicated RoadToZero.co.uk website.

BMW leads in relationships with leasing companies, according to BVRLA survey

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Road to Zero Report?

The Road to Zero Report is an annual publication by the BVRLA that examines the progress and challenges in the UK’s transition to zero-emission road transport.

2. How can the government support the decarbonization of road transport?

The government can provide targeted measures for charging infrastructure, the used electric vehicle market, and the transition to electric vans to accelerate the decarbonization of road transport.


The findings of the BVRLA’s Road to Zero Report highlight the complexities and opportunities in the UK’s journey towards zero-emission road transport. Immediate actions are needed to address the challenges and propel the transition forward.

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