July 21, 2024

Brad Pitt stars in F1 movie trailer released during British Grand Prix weekend

During the previous year, the ensemble of the film “F1” relocated to the Silverstone circuit in Britain for filming, with the headline being lead actor Brad Pitt maneuvering a single-seater for certain scenes in the movie. This year, Brad Pitt revisited Silverstone for the British Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend, and Formula 1 unveiled the first trailer on its official YouTube channel on Sunday. The trailer, more of a teaser, runs for 75 seconds, with three lines of dialogue completed within the first 20 seconds, accompanied by dramatic footage set to the tune of Queen’s “We Will Rock You.”

It is evident that Lewis Hamilton, an executive producer and consultant, expressed the desire for the film to be embraced by all and truly capture the essence of the sport. Given the endorsement of Formula 1 and the prominent presence of various sponsors like Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team, IWC, Expensify, and others, the film is unlikely to touch on any controversial aspects of the sport. Fans familiar with Hamilton know that controversy is an integral part of Formula 1.

Cameos are expected, from current drivers on the grid to former Haas Team Principal Gunther Steiner. The initial dialogue suggests that fans may encounter unconventional portrayals of F1 cars.

The brief synopsis reveals that Pitt portrays a Formula 1 driver returning to the track after an extended hiatus.

Unlike “Rush” (and intentionally so), the movie resembles Netflix’s “Drive to Survive, The Movie.” It is slated for release in theaters followed by Apple TV in the summer of 2025. 


What is the premise of the movie “F1“?

The movie follows a Formula 1 driver, portrayed by Brad Pitt, as he makes a comeback to the sport after a period of absence.

Are there any notable appearances in the film?

Expect cameos from current F1 drivers and former figures like Gunther Steiner, the former Haas Team Principal.


The upcoming movie “F1” promises to immerse viewers in the world of Formula 1, with Brad Pitt leading the charge as a returning driver. With a teaser trailer already generating buzz, fans can anticipate an exciting cinematic experience when the film hits theaters and streaming platforms in 2025.

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