July 21, 2024

Boston Surrenders to Aggressive Protesters, Adorns Trains with Googly Eyes

In the year 2024, we have almost become accustomed to pesky demonstrators marching around shouting about trivial causes like how they don’t think U.S. tax dollars should go towards genocidal conflicts in foreign lands, but in Boston, Massachusetts, a protest finally led to some significant change. Two months after a protest was held in the Boston Commons, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) agreed to adhere to the protesters’ demands and affixed large googly eyes on the front of several of Boston’s public transit trains, known as the T.

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m being a bit sarcastic. The demonstrations advocating for the addition of googly eyes to the T were peaceful and humorous, while the protests against the misuse of American tax dollars for wars are entirely justified and essential. However, the googly eyes are no laughing matter. If you take the T in Boston soon, safely observe the front of your train to see if it’s adorned with a set of oversized googly eyes. The Washington Post interviewed Phillip Eng, the general manager and chief executive of the MBTA who stated,

“When something like this comes up, and it’s just a little opportunity to add a little humor to the day, people embraced it,” Eng said. “I guess we’re a little surprised by the amount of attention it’s gotten.”

5 MBTA trains now have googly eyes

The two individuals, or more accurately heroes, who orchestrated this critical movement are 22-year-old colleagues named Arielle Lok and John Sanchez. Their objective was to bring a bit of playfulness to Boston’s travelers, which is much needed in New England. As a native Angeleno who graduated from Boston University, New Englanders need to embrace every bit of joy they can get. Hopefully, adding googly eyes to the T helps improve the famously reserved demeanor of Bostonians, but there is a caveat.

The reluctant leaders at the MBTA suggested that they couldn’t embellish the entire MBTA train fleet with googly eyes without providing a rationale. They only applied stickers of large plastic googly eyes on five trains: four trains on the T’s green line, and one train on the commuter rail. While it is a small victory to have googly eyes on some of the city’s trains, it’s disappointing that only five of the region’s trains received the ocular enhancements. Nevertheless, some playfulness is better than none. Hopefully, more aspects of life become equally lighthearted, as many Americans have been feeling burdened recently, and small changes like this can brighten people’s days.

**FAQ Section**:
1. **Why did the protesters demand googly eyes on the T trains?**
The protesters sought to bring a sense of whimsy and joy to the daily commute of Bostonians.
2. **Who were the individuals behind the movement to add googly eyes to the trains?**
Arielle Lok and John Sanchez, two coworkers, organized the movement.
3. **How many trains were decorated with googly eyes by the MBTA?**
The MBTA adorned five trains with googly eyes: four on the T’s green line and one on the commuter rail.

The addition of googly eyes to Boston’s public transit trains may seem lighthearted, but it serves as a reminder that small acts of fun and playfulness can make a difference in people’s lives. As we navigate through challenging times, embracing moments of joy and whimsy can help uplift spirits and bring a smile to the faces of commuters. Let’s continue to find ways to add a bit of lightness to our daily routines.

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