July 14, 2024

BMW XM is Expected to Cease Production in 2028

Photo: BMW

The BMW XM is fantastic to drive, handling much better than you would anticipate from such a large SUV, and it boasts an exceptional interior as well. It’s also incredibly unattractive, seemingly deliberately designed in opposition to modern design principles. Moreover, it’s a plug-in hybrid, with a starting price exceeding $150,000. If you believe that sounds challenging to sell, it appears BMW shares the same sentiment. According to Automotive News, there are no plans for a successor to the XM, and production will gradually cease in a couple of years.

The original intention was reportedly to replace the plug-in hybrid XM with a new generation that would be entirely electric. However, that plan has been abandoned, and production of the XM is set to conclude in November 2028. The reason for BMW’s change of heart is not currently clear, but it’s likely that sales did not meet initial expectations. The price is significantly higher than that of an X5 M Competition, and it’s slightly slower to reach 60 mph unless you’re willing to invest $185,000 in an XM Label Red variant.

The same report also suggests that the 6 Series will make a comeback to the lineup as both a coupe and convertible. Like many of BMW’s other models, it is expected to be available in gasoline, hybrid, and fully electric versions. While the timeline for its introduction in the U.S. is still uncertain, production is slated to commence in July 2026. This timeline coincides with the projected conclusion of 8 Series production in mid-2026.

A dealer, who preferred to remain anonymous, mentioned to AutoNews that BMW may not achieve high sales volumes with these models, but not every vehicle in the lineup needs mass appeal. They emphasized the importance of offering niche cars alongside mainstream ones, stating, “Mainstream cars are popular, but we should have the niche cars as well. BMW is trying to get in alignment on what customers are looking for.”


Q: Will there be a replacement for the BMW XM?

A: No, according to reports, there will be no successor to the BMW XM.

Q: What is the expected production end date for the BMW XM?

A: Production of the BMW XM is scheduled to conclude in November 2028.

Q: Is the BMW XM available in fully electric form?

A: No, the plans to introduce a fully electric version of the BMW XM have been abandoned.


In conclusion, the BMW XM’s production is set to end in November 2028 without a successor planned. The decision to discontinue the plug-in hybrid model comes amid changing market demands and expectations. BMW’s focus on niche vehicles alongside mainstream offerings indicates a strategic approach to meeting diverse customer preferences.

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