July 25, 2024
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BMW i1 and i2 set to introduce affordable electric vehicles in 2027

The recent developments have highlighted the significance of the next five years in the transition to electric vehicles. Amidst consumer reluctance to embrace battery-electric vehicles at the same rate as before, the key questions revolve around the ability of automakers to reduce costs and the timely expansion of infrastructure to support sustained growth. BMW appears committed to sticking to the original timeline, despite acknowledging a future for internal combustion engines alongside electric vehicles. Autocar reports insights from industry insiders indicating the upcoming launch of two entry-level EVs, the i1 expected in 2027 and the i2 in 2028.

Backing up this anonymous information is an interview with Bernd Korber, BMW’s head of product. Korber emphasized BMW’s commitment to the entry-level luxury market, particularly with Mercedes-Benz discontinuing the A-Class, providing an opportunity for BMW to attract younger customers and cultivate brand loyalty.

The upcoming electric 1 and 2 models, currently in development, will coexist with their internal combustion engine counterparts within the same series but on distinct platforms. While the conventional 1 and 2 models will retain the current FAAR platform, the electric versions will adopt the Neue Klasse architecture debuting in six new BMW products next year. The electric 1 is expected to offer sedan and hatchback variants, while the 2 will be available as a crossover or coupe, with options for front- or all-wheel drive.

Details on how the current iX2 crossover fits into this strategy are scarce, but it is mentioned that the current iX1 will transition from the FAAR platform to the Neue Klasse platform shared with the i1 and i2. We anticipate significant differences that will likely result in lower starting prices compared to the current entry point of around €48,000 ($50,800) for the iX1 and iX2. It is unlikely that these models will be introduced under the BMW brand, given the company’s strategy of using the Mini brand for more affordable electric vehicles in certain markets.


Q: When are the i1 and i2 expected to be launched?

A: The i1 is expected in 2027, followed by the i2 in 2028.

Q: What platforms will the electric 1 and 2 models be based on?

A: The electric 1 and 2 will adopt the Neue Klasse architecture, while the conventional models will continue on the FAAR platform.

Q: Will the iX1 and iX2 be priced similarly to the upcoming i1 and i2 models?

A: It is anticipated that the iX1 and iX2 will undergo significant changes to align with the pricing strategy for the i1 and i2, likely resulting in lower starting prices.


BMW’s strategic shift towards electric vehicles, exemplified by the upcoming i1 and i2 models, underscores the industry-wide pivot towards sustainable mobility. With a focus on entry-level luxury offerings and a commitment to innovation, BMW is poised to navigate the evolving automotive landscape in the coming years.

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