July 21, 2024

BMW excels in relationships with leasing companies

BMW, known for its performance, topped the list in the BVRLA’s OEM Relationship Survey, showcasing strong partnerships with leasing companies.

The survey gathered feedback from leasing companies managing over a million cars, evaluating 23 leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) on various criteria.

BMW emerged as the leader with 14 “Best in Class” ratings, followed by VW with seven and MG with four.

VW secured the top spot in the main working relationship category, closely followed by Mini and Mazda.

BMW received praise for its exceptional products and services, leading in this category and excelling in in-life services across five out of seven rankings.

Audi and Volkswagen shared the top spot in vehicle purchasing, lauded for their efficient logistics and handover processes, while MG stood out for its lead times.

In the electric vehicle (EV) segment, Tesla and Polestar were recognized for their EV range, while BMW’s EV technical support and driver assistance stood out.

The survey, conducted in collaboration with independent research consultants experteye, involved 26 leasing companies.

Gerry Keaney, BVRLA chief executive, emphasized the importance of strong relationships between lease companies and OEMs, especially amidst rapid industry changes, encouraging manufacturers to enhance this crucial partnership.

BVRLA recently announced Keaney’s departure from the association by the year-end.

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