July 25, 2024
Industry News

Biden allocates $1.7 billion to enhance Electric Vehicle production in eight states


The Biden administration is allocating nearly $2 billion in grants to support the expansion and resumption of electric vehicle manufacturing and assembly sites in eight states, including key battleground states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.

The Energy Department will distribute grants totaling $1.7 billion to create and maintain thousands of union jobs and bolster communities reliant on the automotive industry, the White House announced Thursday. In addition to the battleground states, grants will also be provided to EV facilities in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, and Virginia.

The grants will encompass various aspects of the automotive supply chain, including components for electric motorcycles and school buses, hybrid powertrains, commercial truck batteries, and electric SUVs, according to the White House.

President Joe Biden stated, “Building a clean energy economy can and should benefit both union autoworkers and automakers. This investment will generate thousands of well-paying, union manufacturing jobs and preserve existing jobs in factories and communities from Lansing, Michigan to Fort Valley, Georgia.”

These grants, funded by the notable 2022 climate law, aim to fulfill Biden’s commitment to ensuring that the future of the auto industry is rooted in American production by American union workers.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, a former governor of Michigan, remarked, “There is nothing more challenging for a manufacturing community than losing jobs to foreign competition and industry evolution.” She emphasized that the grants would help the automotive industry in the U.S. stay competitive and preserve its legacy in communities that have long supported it.

The grants complement the $177 billion in private sector investments in EV and battery manufacturing since Biden assumed office, as per Granholm and other officials.

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