July 25, 2024

Be.EV Raises £55 Million in Funding to Expand Electric Vehicle Charging Network

Be.EV, a leading electric vehicle charging network, secured £55 million in debt financing from NatWest and Germany’s KfW IPEX-Bank.

This substantial investment reflects strong confidence in Be.EV’s position as a prominent charge point operator and in the emerging public charging industry.

The funding will aid Be.EV in achieving its target of operating over 1,000 rapid and ultra-rapid charge points across the UK by the end of 2024, with a focus on addressing the lack of fast charging options in various communities.

Currently, the UK has only 5,336 locations offering rapid and ultra-rapid charging, mainly concentrated within the M25 area. Be.EV aims to extend this accessibility nationwide.

The collaboration with NatWest and KfW IPEX-Bank, along with ongoing support from Octopus Energy Generation, which previously pledged £110 million in 2022, will strengthen Be.EV’s presence, especially in Manchester and the North West, where they have already installed over 600 charge points.

These charge points, powered by renewable energy from Octopus Energy, will be publicly accessible, with discounted rates for Be.EV’s 35,000 members.

Asif Ghafoor, CEO of Be.EV, emphasized the significance of this financing in endorsing their mission to provide reliable charging infrastructure to underserved communities. He also highlighted the potential for further industry investments, benefiting the EV-driving community and supporting the Government’s Zero-emission vehicles by 2035 mandate.

Bruce Riley from NatWest and Andreas Ufer from KfW IPEX-Bank reaffirmed their dedication to supporting the UK’s transition to a low-carbon economy and advancing e-mobility infrastructure. The transaction was facilitated by advisors including Arup, DLA Piper, Eversheds Sutherland, EY, and Osborne Clarke.

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1. What is the significance of Be.EV’s recent debt financing?

Be.EV secured £55 million in debt financing from NatWest and KfW IPEX-Bank, reinforcing its position in the public charging industry and supporting its goal of expanding charging infrastructure across the UK.

2. How will Be.EV utilize the funding from NatWest and KfW IPEX-Bank?

The funding will help Be.EV operate over 1,000 rapid and ultra-rapid charge points by the end of 2024, particularly focusing on areas with limited fast charging options.

3. What role does Octopus Energy Generation play in Be.EV’s expansion?

Octopus Energy Generation has committed £110 million to Be.EV and provides renewable energy to power the charge points, benefiting Be.EV’s members with discounted rates.

4. How does Be.EV’s CEO view the recent financing?

Asif Ghafoor, Be.EV’s CEO, sees the financing as a significant endorsement of their mission to provide reliable charging infrastructure to underserved communities and believes it will facilitate further industry investments.


Be.EV’s £55 million debt financing from NatWest and KfW IPEX-Bank marks a pivotal moment in the company’s expansion efforts to provide accessible and sustainable charging solutions across the UK. With the support of key partners like Octopus Energy Generation, Be.EV is well-positioned to drive the adoption of electric vehicles and contribute to the UK’s transition to a low-carbon economy.

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