July 25, 2024

Bank of America sees ‘significant’ growth in originations for EVs and hybrids

Bank of America remains optimistic about electric vehicle (EV) sales as its financing volume for EVs and hybrids remained stable in the first quarter, despite a slowdown in sales growth in the wider industry. Hybrids and EVs accounted for a significant portion of the bank’s total origination volume during this period. Fabien Thierry, the head of the bank’s automotive financing division, highlighted the sustained demand for these environmentally friendly vehicles.


1. Is Bank of America seeing an increase in demand for EV financing?

Yes, Bank of America’s financing volume for EVs and hybrids held steady in the first quarter, indicating a continued demand for these vehicles.

2. How important are hybrids and EVs to Bank of America’s total origination volume?

Hybrids and EVs make up a significant portion of Bank of America’s total origination volume, underscoring the bank’s commitment to supporting sustainable transportation options.


Bank of America’s bullish outlook on EV sales and steady financing volume for hybrids and EVs demonstrate the growing popularity and importance of environmentally friendly vehicles in the automotive industry. The bank’s continued support for these technologies aligns with the global shift towards sustainable transportation solutions.

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