July 21, 2024

Aston Barclay’s Analysis of Fragmentation in the 2024 Used Van Market

In 2024, the used light commercial vehicle (LCV) market has become highly fragmented, with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) focusing on interest rates and cash flow management before committing to vehicle replacements. This cautious approach has led to a diverse range of LCVs being in demand.

The top three most desirable LCVs in June were the Citroen Relay, VW Amarok, and Mercedes Vito. This highlights the current fragmentation within the market, with a large panel van, a pick-up, and a mid-size panel van leading the pack.

No single size or type of LCV dominates the used market. Instead, dealers are prioritizing sourcing more affordable vehicles for their SME customers, who remain wary of high borrowing costs and the need to maintain cash flow.

The June index also features four medium-sized LCVs: the Mercedes Vito, Mercedes Citan, VW Transporter, and Ford Transit Custom. Larger panel vans such as the Citroen Relay, Peugeot Boxer, and IVECO Daily continue to be in demand. Additionally, three pick-ups — the VW Amarok, Toyota HiLux, and Isuzu D-Max — round out the top 10.

Geoff Flood, Aston Barclay’s head of LCV, stated, “The market has slowed since Christmas, and dealers are working harder to sell used LCVs to SMEs who are still feeling the pinch of higher interest rates and a higher cost of living. Many SMEs continue to hold onto their current LCV rather than replace it, but this cannot continue forever as vehicles age and become more costly to maintain.”

Flood noted that demand for used LCVs remains focused on vehicles priced below £10,000. He added that those in good condition, with high specifications and metallic paint, tend to fetch higher prices than entry-level, lower-spec vehicles.

Aston Barclay’s monthly desirability index evaluates three key metrics: web views before sale, the number of physical and online sale bids, and the sale price achieved as a percentage of CAP average (the price for a vehicle in average condition, showing minor cosmetic damage).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the top three most desirable LCVs in the current market?

The top three most desirable LCVs in the current market are the Citroen Relay, VW Amarok, and Mercedes Vito, as per the June index.

2. What type of LCVs are in demand among SMEs?

Dealers are prioritizing sourcing more affordable vehicles for SME customers, with medium-sized and larger panel vans, as well as pick-ups, being in demand among SMEs.


The used light commercial vehicle market in 2024 is witnessing a shift towards affordability and diverse vehicle preferences among SMEs. Dealers are adapting to cater to this fragmented market and focusing on meeting the demand for a wide range of LCVs. With caution prevailing due to economic factors, the market dynamics continue to evolve, emphasizing the importance of understanding customer needs and market trends.

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