July 14, 2024

ADP and claims data suggest a deceleration in the US job market

Recent labor statistics released on Wednesday provide additional proof that the labor market is decelerating. US companies hired employees at a slower rate in June, and the growth in wages decreased according to private payroll data from the ADP Research Institute. Initial claims for unemployment benefits increased for the ninth consecutive week, marking the longest streak since 2018, indicating a rising trend of…


  • What are the key indicators of a slowing labor market?
  • How do companies typically respond to a slowing labor market?
  • What impact does a slowing labor market have on the overall economy?


The recent labor data signals a potential slowdown in the labor market, with hiring and wage growth showing signs of moderation. It is important for policymakers and businesses to closely monitor these trends and take appropriate actions to mitigate any negative impacts on the economy.

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