July 21, 2024

Absolutely, Rodents Behind the Wheel

Canada truly has it all: Comprehensive healthcare, a more affordable cost of living compared to the United States, and now its rodents can operate vehicles. We’ve previously discussed autonomous rats before, but that was conducted by researchers in a controlled environment. Kuzko and Kronk, Canada’s internet-famous self-driving rats, managed to learn this skill right from their own abode.

Shaun Stephens-Whale and Kendal Crawford, a British Columbia couple, adopted two rats and quickly discovered that their new pets were surprisingly adept at acquiring new talents such as shaking hands and even solving canine puzzle boxes. Crawford’s father constructed tiny electric cars for his daughter’s rats (his grand-rats?) equipped with three paw-sized pedals to allow the rodents to move forward and make left or right turns. CTV News reported,

After mastering the middle pedal to move forward on the first day, Kuzko and Kronk were committed to training the rats to turn left and right, a feat they accomplished within a week.

Now, these rodents can maneuver in random directions across the living area to reach a person offering a treat. In case they get stuck, they can turn their vehicle around to head in the correct path.

Kuzko and Kronk’s customized rat vehicles resemble delightful miniature fish tanks styled like taxi cabs, complete with functional head and tail lights. These rats can hop in and out of their bespoke, personalized cars at their leisure, and they’re gradually improving their driving skills. So, the next time you encounter a clueless driver on the road, you can be even more frustrated by their incompetence, knowing that even a humble rat can successfully grasp the art of driving a car.


Q: How did Kuzko and Kronk learn to drive cars?

A: Kuzko and Kronk were taught by their owners, Shaun and Kendal, who designed little electric cars for them to operate with paw-sized pedals.

Q: Can rats really drive cars?

A: Yes, Kuzko and Kronk have demonstrated the ability to drive small cars in their living room to reach treats held by humans.


In conclusion, the story of Kuzko and Kronk, the self-driving rats from Canada, showcases the intelligence and adaptability of these tiny creatures. Through dedication and training, these rodents have proven that even unconventional animals can master complex tasks. Their adorable customized vehicles and impressive driving skills serve as a reminder of the remarkable capabilities found in the animal kingdom.

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