July 14, 2024

A Super Cute Suzuki Jimny Pickup and Hybrid Coming Soon

Suzuki presented this Jimny pickup concept at the 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon
Photo: Suzuki

Here in the United States, the only products available from Suzuki are motorcycles, ATVs, and boats. The car manufacturer exited the U.S. automobile market several years ago; however, Suzuki continues to offer its excellent products to the rest of the world, including the compact and charming Jimny off-roader. According to recent information, the Jimny has become so popular that Suzuki is exploring the possibility of expanding the Jimny range to include additional variations, such as a pickup truck and a hybrid model.

CarSales in Australia has reported that the Jimny has become so sought-after in the country that customers are experiencing significant delays in vehicle deliveries. Recognizing this surge in demand, Suzuki aims to broaden the Jimny lineup beyond the existing three-door and five-door models:

In addition to an electric version of the Jimny anticipated by 2030 (one of five new electric Suzukis expected to be unveiled by the end of the decade) and a hybrid model to precede it, Suzuki is contemplating the release of a Jimny pickup truck worldwide – potentially reviving the Mighty Boy moniker.

During the recent introduction of the new Swift, CarSales questioned Michael Pachota, General Manager of Suzuki Australia, about the possibility of a Jimny pickup in development. His response indicated that “The project, I would say, is not dead.” Suzuki showcased the impressive Jimny Sierra Pickup Style concept at the Tokyo Auto Salon in 2018, suggesting that it could easily transition into a production design.

Sales of the Jimny have increased by 50 percent in Australia this year, with CarSales noting a waiting period of six to eight months at dealerships. Suzuki could replicate this success in the United States, where there is a scarcity of affordable, compact off-road vehicles. Introducing the Jimny to the American market could potentially ignite a competition for budget-friendly off-road vehicles, although meeting stringent crash-test regulations may remain a challenge.


1. Will Suzuki introduce a hybrid version of the Jimny?
Yes, Suzuki is planning to launch a hybrid version of the Jimny before 2030.

2. How popular is the Jimny in Australia?
The Jimny has seen a 50% increase in sales in Australia this year, with customers facing a six-to-eight-month wait time for deliveries.

3. Is Suzuki considering a pickup truck variant of the Jimny?
Yes, Suzuki is contemplating the release of a Jimny pickup truck globally.


In conclusion, the Suzuki Jimny continues to be a popular choice among consumers, with its off-road capabilities and compact size appealing to a wide audience. With the potential introduction of new variants such as a pickup truck and a hybrid model, Suzuki aims to further expand the Jimny lineup to meet the growing demand. As the automotive market evolves, the Jimny remains a standout option for those seeking a versatile and reliable off-road vehicle.

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